Your True Potential with our exclusive Cosmetic Treatments.

At Kosmetik Klinik we believe that you should feel as good as you can imagine. This is the vision of Dr. Maria Mackey, our founder. It is for this very reason that our cosmetic treatments are carefully curated to elevate your natural beauty to a whole new level.


Cosmetic treatments tailored to your specific needs.

Meet our founder

Dr. Maria Mackey

Dr. Maria is the found of the Kosmetik Klinik in Sydney.

She combines more than 25 years of medical experience with a friendly and personalised approach to create success stories for our clients.


Our Premium Cosmetic Treatments.

We have created our customised, high performance treatments with not only beauty, but integrity in mind. When developing our premium range of cosmetic treatments, no compromise has been made in quality, clinically-proven efficacy and safety.

Volume Enhancing

Volume Enhancing may be an effective way to restore lost volume in the face as we age. When administered correctly, fillers may provide subtle, natural-looking results.

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Immobilisers are substances used to relax and weaken facial muscles to prevent them from stretching the skin and causing wrinkles. Some examples of immobilisers include Botox, Xeomin and Dysport.

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PRP Rejuvenation

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Rejuvenation is a technique that uses the body’s natural healing properties to address aging skin. Using your own blood, PRP is separated in a centrifuge and then injected into areas of concern to improve skin quality, tone and appearance.

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Thread Lifting

Thread lifting is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that may offer natural-looking results by using threads to lift and tighten the skin.

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Why Us


Why More Customers Choose Our Cosmetic Treatments.

As Neutral Bay’s leading cosmetic treatments and beauty destination, we provide our clientele with access to the latest in luxury beauty and cosmetic solutions.

Kosmetik Klinik presents a complete range of highly advanced beauty solutions with clinically-proven efficacy and safety: in four categories: Dermal Fillers, Immobilisers, PRP Rejuvenation and Thread Lifting.

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